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Corporate Social Investment

Raumix Aggregates (RA) believes in the growth and development of our employees and of the community as a whole. We take great pride in our internal, staff-centred, and our external, community-centred corporate social investment (CSI) projects.

Internal Raumix CSI

RA is committed to the ongoing training and development of our employees, and makes a real investment into their education and skills level, to help them reach their full potential. RA provides and facilitates Adult Based Education Training (ABET) to those employees who wish to learn to read and write. The programme is 100 percent financially supported by RA, and on completion of the course, each graduate is presented with a nationally accepted certificate of recognition from the training institution, EEE. Currently, we have 14 staff members at the Petra Quarry and five staff members at the Rossway Quarry doing their ABET certificates. Assessments will still be done on staff members at the Queenstown, Aliwal North and Cradock sites. RA also furthers the skills qualifications of its staff by sending them on skills-specific training courses, such as mechanic and operator courses, to better equip them in their daily duties. Staff selection for this upskilling programme is done on an annual basis. In terms of recruitment, RA takes an interest in students studying subjects such as boiler making, diesel mechanics and civil engineering. RA identifies their needs and helps them achieve their goals, in the hopes of then recruiting them, upon their qualifying, as new employees of the company.

External community-centred CSI

RA has identified the social development needs of several local communities, and we do what we can to make a sustainable and visible difference in the lives of those who need it most. As part of our Social and Labour Plan, we currently sponsor the salary of a trained, registered nurse stationed at the Genesis Care Centre in Port Shepstone, KZN. The Genesis Care Centre is an integral part of this small community. We also lend a hand where we can to the Lesseyton community of Queenstown. Currently, we sponsor soccer kits to one of the local soccer clubs, and assist some of the smaller schools with financial donations. We are also working with the local municipality and the DMR to finalise arrangements for longer-term community and LED (local economic development) projects. RA also makes an effort to host school learners at our various sites, to give them a chance to spend time in, learn about, and understand our working environment.